Academic publications and articles


Tfaily, Mira. 2021. « Sense (Un)making – A woman’s account of her life in Beirut after 1990 » in Women and the 1990’s in Lebanon. Furn al Chebbak: The Knowledge Workshop. [PDF]

non-anonymous PEER REVIEW

Tfaily, Mira. 2019. Beirut’s buses and the filtering of urban informalities. Jadaliyya. [HTML]

Tfaily, Mira. 2019. Syria: from Battleground to Fairground. Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science (KFAS). Winner of the Kuwait paper award of Fall 2018 at Sciences Po; awarded a grant from KFAS. [PDF]


Tfaily, Mira. 2019. From the Margin to the city – documenting Lebanon’s informal bus system as a tool for social change. Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung. [HTML]

Baaklini, Jad and Tfaily, Mira. 2018. From city to studio and back: design as civic action. The Bus Map Project Blog. [HTML]

Tfaily, Mira and Baaklini, Jad. 2018. Informal Transport, a pioneer of mobility-as-a-service? The Bus Map Project Blog. [HTML]

Baaklini, Jad and Tfaily, Mira. 2017. Learning to use Lebanese Buses, one trip at a time: a #RiderStory. The Bus Map Project Blog. [HTML]

OTHER publications

Tfaily, Mira. 2020. Academic blog (Im)mobile. Hypotheses. [HTML]

Tfaily, Mira. 2021. Youtube Channel Heure Bleue. [HTML]